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  • Bobcats

  • Backhoes

  • Stump grinders

  • bucket trucks

  • Chip trucks

  • Crane trucks

  • Snow blowers

  • Aim-and-shot mulch trucks

  • Compost tea brewer

  • Dump trucks


Cambridge Landscape's selection of state-of the-art, custom-built trucks and equipment sets us apart from the competition. By buying new trucks and specialty equipment built to our custom specifications, we ensure that the job gets done safely, efficiently and that we get the best results.

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results are had, when you choose Cambridge Landscape:

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  • Sprayers

  • Chippers

  • Hydro-seeders

  • Street sweeper

  • Salt-and-sanders

  • Log loaders

  • Tank trucks

  • Snow melters

  • Tractors

  • Tractor trailers

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Custom equipment for better results

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•At Cambridge Landscape, our trucks and equipment are a point of personal pride for us. Almost all of our vehicles and equipment are purchased new and are operated by experienced, in-house specialists. We surpass the competition by purchasing equipment that we have built to our specifications. In comparison to other landscape contractors, we have more specialty vehicles and a larger selection of equipment. We achieve optimal results efficiently with a variety of machinery: street sweepers to handle commercial parking lots, mulch blowers for applying large amounts of bark mulch efficiently, crane and bucket trucks to facilitate the pruning and removal of all sizes of trees, and a fleet of heavy duty trucks for the swift installation or removal of landscape materials. Whatever the job, Cambridge Landscape has the right tools to get it done.