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Organic and Sustainability

We offer services including mowing, spring and fall cleanups, street sweeping, grading and seeding, mulching, planting, and more! Sit back and relax while Cambridge Landscape brings out the beauty in your home or business.


Partnering with Cambridge is an investment in the environment.  Call 617-661-8591.

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Partnering with Cambridge is an investment in the environment.

Call 617-661-8591


Green Services

Cambridge Landscape Co. is committed to a holistic, eco-friendly, and sustainable approach to landscape and tree care. We understand the importance of investment in alternative sources of energy, the use of energy-efficient technologies, and pioneering new, innovative, and environmentally conscientious industry practices. To that end, we offer organic-based landscape maintenance options to our clients and we have implemented a number of sustainability initiatives designed to minimize our impact on the environment.



Our Vehicles:

  • Cambridge Landscape Co. is an industry pioneer in sustainable tree care. In 2009, we became the proud owner of the first hybrid-engine, 75-foot aerial lift tree truck in the United States. In 2010, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts acknowledged Cambridge Landscape as an industry leader in sustainability by issuing a grant for a second hybrid tree truck. Today, we have the largest number of hybrid bucket trucks in the country. As a result of this initiative, we have been able to retire several full diesel-engine tree trucks from our fleet and replace them with vehicles that consume 40% less fuel than their older counterparts.

  • The vehicles used by our managers, sales associates, and estimators are also hybrid, which has given rise to a 35% reduction in fuel consumption among the vehicles in our fleet which accumulate mileage the most quickly.

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Our Equipment:

  • We currently in the process of phasing out gas-powered riding mowers and replacing them with propane-fired mowers capable of mowing at speeds up to 15 miles per hour. These mowers are more energy-efficient, quieter, and faster than traditional gas-powered mowers.

  • Our backpack leaf blowers meet the stringent EPA emission standards, and have been approved for use in several municipalities with leaf blower noise ordinances. These initiatives minimize the noise pollution and carbon emissions of our Landscape Maintenance program while maximizing energy-efficiency and minimizing mow time.


Our Facility:

  • Our garage is outfitted with a waste oil heat burner which recycles waste oil and reduces the amount of hazardous material disposed.

  • Both our garage and offices are equipped with energy-efficient, motion-sensor lighting fixtures.

  • Our mechanic shops use gas-fired, radiant heat.


Our Staff:

Our staff includes both Certified Practitioners of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA), as well as students of compost and compost tea technologies at The Soil Foodweb.



Our Recycling Practicies:

  • We ship our wood chips and yard waste to a composting facility.

  • We recycle our asphalt waste.



Our Organic Land Care Program:

In the spring of 2009, Cambridge Landscape Co. initiated a pilot organic program at selected portions of the Harvard Medical School, Harvard Divinity School, Harvard Business School, and Radcliffe Institute. The focus of the program is to introduce and promote beneficial soil biology, which provides turfgrass with a natural defense system against insects and disease, and allows turfgrass to compete against invasive weeds without synthetic chemicals. The soil is enriched with a combination of liquid compost tea, liquid biostimulants such as seaweed extract and fish oil emulsion, and granular fertilizer made from food grade products.


In the future, Cambridge Landscape Co. will continue to be proactive in promoting an ethical and sustainable business philosophy that encourages integrated pest management, recycling of waste materials, equipment and building efficiency, use of natural chemicals, and investment in sustainable technologies.

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